Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Trying to catch up on our Thanksgiving week! It was pretty hectic because we were leaving for Disney the day after. But, we still made time for some crafts! Addi LOVES painting and while the vision for this tree didn't turn out how exactly how I saw on Pinterest, it is still beautiful and definitley a little more free spirited. :) What matter is, she had an absolute blast just going for it. 
 Tuesday night, we had a Thanksgiving meal with our friends. This is by far the best meal of the year. We had: turkey, ham, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, green bean bundles, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cranberries, rolls and then pumpkin bars and apple pie for dessert. I spent all day in the kitchen and the house smelled like heaven. It actually made me tear up a little because it smelled just like my grandmother's house. :)
 Sweet little Eliza.
 Me and the crazy girls!
Addi's cute little outfit. She was balancing Pascal on her head. 
 Josh's smoked turkey. I need more!
  The next day, our playgroup paid a visit to the fire station! I anticipated Addi to just be so excited because she loves when fire trucks go down our street. Not so much! She was really quiet and almost scared the whole time. She's deathly afraid of fire and maybe she thought there was going to be fire there? Also, she thought the sirens were going to turn on and she doesn't like loud noises. Just like her momma! 
 The firemen were so nice and welcoming to our little group. They had a pretty sweet TV set up that Addi took advantage of!
 This rescue boat was a hit with all the kids. They did not want to get out!

 We went and ate lunch with Leslie and Brilie downtown afterwards. Flying Fish is SO good!
 There were some LSU fans in town that the girls glared at. Too bad we stink so bad and we couldn't trash talk them. ;)
 We went and saw sweet baby Gracynn that night! She is SO precious. Addi gave us a little taste of what to expect when Rhett gets here. I was holding Gracynn and Addi was playing with a plastic ball. She said catch and chunked the ball right at Gracynn's head! Oh my word!! Luckily, I caught it just before it hit, but my word! Rhett is going to be a tough little boy!
Sadly, I didn't get one picture from Thanksgiving. But, we had a delicious meal at Josh's grandparent's house and had a great time visiting. :)